Kind words from our clients

“Working with FACTEUR PR could not have been more of a pleasure. Reena is bright and personable, and immediately put me at ease. She took the time to understand my business and the problems I was having, and we worked together to create a strategy that worked for me. She was always willing to talk things through. FACTEUR helped me put together a professional press kit, communicate with publications both digital and print, and take my brand to the next level. I am forever grateful! ”

-Christina Orlando, MUSE MONTHLY

"What I loved about working with FACTEUR is that they tailored their services for my needs and really were able to provide a custom experience. It was so easy to work with Reena, to communicate with her, and I never had to wait or wonder when things were going to get done. (I thought I was organized, but she put me to shame!) Another thing that really impressed me was her lack of ego. Reena cares so much about the end result and the integrity of her work; she was open to change, edits and constructive criticism (though I didn't have much).  I recommend FACTEUR's services to everyone I know...and even people I don't!"

-Nadeen Hayden