Our newest clients will adorn you!

There is always a multitude of changes going on as transitions between seasons occur, and FACTEUR PR has been along for the ride! In the last month, we have been excited to have added four new clients to our roster of brands we love, deepening our commitment to the creative community! We’d like to introduce them to you here on our blog!

Avarelle Cosmetics acne patches

Avarelle Cosmetics

This company was founded just over a year ago and sells their line of products exclusively on Amazon. The Avarelle Cosmetics skincare line currently consists of acne cover, treatment, and spot patches, as well as an acne treatment spot solution and rejuvenating herbal infusion sheet masks for every skin type. Based in New Jersey, the brand sets itself apart in its use of all-natural ingredients to combat acne, as well as the diversity in its products, particularly with its level of coverage and variety of sizes. Avarelle is made with Tea Tree Oil, Calendula Oil & Hydrocolloid Dressing. These treatments can be applied day or night, are easily concealable with or without makeup, and can be snipped to size to heal acne and its scars quickly and safely. Avarelle aims to ultimately boost confidence while solving skin and blemish issues.

VersaSpa Sunless Tanning Products


Sunless, Inc. is the global industry leader in healthy, UV-free tanning and the power behind the well-known, most in-demand home and salon-applied spray tan brands: Mystic Tan, VersaSpa and Norvell. With its headquarters in Cleveland and an office in Nashville, Sunless’ mission is to help its broad range of consumers not only look better, but feel more confident in their own skin. Its products are not only safe, but easy to apply in four minutes or less.

Liza Michelle Jewelry Collection

Liza Michelle Jewelry

The essence and beauty of objects found in nature is what inspires the designer behind Liza Michelle Jewelry. Liza Michelle Jewitt Rifkin creates handcrafted fine jewelry and objects, utilizing a method of casting natural objects in solid metal. Founded in 2013, the company produces with a commitment to craftsmanship of the finest quality and environmental sustainability. Inside her Ohio City studio, each item passes through the designer’s hands and carries the story of her process and the clients.

Shannon Michael Style

Shannon Michael Style

Shannon Michael Style is an Ohio-based beauty consultant and retailer, primarily focused on hair and makeup artistry in the bridal and celebrity industries. Led by Shannon Dyer, the company contracts artists for numerous events throughout the year and most recently expanded to include a premium makeup line to offer both its online and in-person clients. This fall, Shannon Michael Style will begin a new chapter in its business by aligning fashion with its beauty brand. Bridal gowns designed Dyer, thanks to her background in design, will sell direct to consumers in several bridal boutiques. Utilizing her business strategy to incorporate fashion into the beauty brand positions Dyer’s company as a industry leader and offers a full experience for her consumers. 

We look forward to all of the creative projects ahead!

Happy birthday FACTEUR PR

Business card official with manicure to match!   

Business card official with manicure to match!


Every year I get a birthday, and this year, rather than throw a big party, I decided to give a special gift to myself: I would finally launch my independent PR business.

Today is that day, and I'm happy to introduce you to FACTEUR PR! I feel like I've been talking about this moment for years, and over the past few months I decided I needed to truly commit to waking up and chasing my dreams instead of just talking about them in my sleep.

I've longed for the opportunity to be able to work side-by-side with people and places in my community on helping to tell their stories in a creative and meaningful way that not just benefits a client, but their audiences, too. I'm looking forward to using this blog as a way to share some highlights of the projects I'll be working on, as well as offer a few nuggets of marketing wisdom for you along the way, too. I can't wait to get to work!

To my family, friends, and colleagues who have supported me this far, I deeply thank you for your guidance and inspiration. And if we haven't met yet, I would love to get to know you! Please feel free to drop me an email anytime if you're interested in working together, want to grab a coffee, or just feel like saying hello. In the meantime, you can get to know me just a bit more on my obligatory "About" page here on this website. I'd love to also chat via social media, too - you can find FACTEUR on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest currently.

Thank you for reading this far! More from me soon.

With gratitude,
Reena Goodwin