Currently: Favorites with Hannah Krisinski

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Welcome to Currentlya new series from FACTEUR PR where we share the latest favorites of our staff and clients here on our blog! In this edition, get to know Hannah Krisinski, FACTEUR PR Intern. Read on!

Name: Hannah Krisinski

Job: FACTEUR PR Intern

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

College you attend: Cleveland State University, studying Promotional Communications with a minor in Digital Design 

Currently, my favorite...

Book I recently read or reading: I’m usually super busy so I don’t have a ton of time to read, but I have been slowly working my way through Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip and Dan Heath. It was a suggestion from my design professor for some inspiration to be applied in both my life and work, and it has some really great points. I never thought I would be the kind of person who reads the “self-help” type of book, but this one is so good! 

Part of my job: Getting to know potential/current clients! I absolutely love the process of getting to know a new brand or business. Seeing the client’s passion for what they’re doing, and the challenge of personalizing everything you do for them based on that, is always such a good learning experience. 


Album or song: Drake’s new song, “Nice for What,” has been on repeat on my phone for days!

Magazine I read: This probably makes me sound like an old lady, but when I go to get my hair done, I always read through the entirety (every page, front to back!) of either Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue while I’m sitting in the salon. It’s like my ultimate relaxing me-time and also a great way to catch up on all the goings-on of popular culture.

Blog I read: This might not exactly be a blog, but my absolute favorite e-reading comes from the W Magazine In & Out email subscription. Every few days, they send out a page of current trends, news from the fashion/entertainment industry, and culture, among other things. It’s written in a fun sort of “what’s hot and what’s not” format and has lots of dry humor, which I love. 


Place I visited: I studied abroad in London, England this past summer, and it absolutely felt like home to me for the two months I was there. London is such a beautiful city and has incredible culture, people, food, and scenery that you can’t help but fall in love with. I also absolutely have to mention Edinburgh, Scotland (pictured above). It’s not a city on most people’s radar, but oh goodness, it should be! I was only there for a few days, but it stole my heart. 

Clothing/accessories/shoes I bought: This is honestly the hardest question! I’ll confess I am a bit of a shopaholic… I’ll shout out my favorite thing that I’m wearing a lot right now. It has to be a scarf I bought in Edinburgh, made from Scottish sheep’s wool, and colored like those classic Burberry scarves. I love to throw this on with a trench, or tie it around my purse handle if it’s a bit warmer. I also feel like I have to mention a pair of earrings from the Balmain collaboration with H&M. They are the funkiest and largest earrings I own. I feel like they are timeless, and they are my favorite thing I have ever splurged on. I have never worn them out because they are that intense and extremely heavy but I love to open the box every now and again just to look at those stunners! 

Event I attended: This is more of an exhibition. (But I’m gonna say it, anyway!)  Eyewitness Views at the Cleveland Museum of Art. I have a membership to the museum through my school, so if I’ve got nothing to do on a Sunday, that’s where I go. I saw this exhibition a few days ago and the whole collection really blew me away. 

Instagram account: I get a lot of style inspiration from Gabriel Gzimailaite. She likes to be frank with her audience, letting them know that her life is not always as glamorous as it seems on instagram, which is a nice contrast to most fashion influencers out there. Oh, and my own, hannikayz, of course!

Food I ate/restaurant I tried: My ultimate go-to is falafel at Tommy’s, which is a Cleveland institution, but you can find me trying out any and all restaurants with vegan options. A more recent favorite has to be Townhall. It’s located so close to me, in Ohio City, and they have a super unique and delicious veggie burger. Beet ketchup anyone?

Drink: I always say a glass of Prosecco a day keeps the doctor away! But, in all seriousness, I have an almond milk vanilla latte every morning to get my day started off right.  

TV show or movie I watched: I just binged the newest season of How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix. That show always makes me want to become a badass woman lawyer, or at least dress like one!


Thing overall I'm obsessed with: Chanel runway shows. I can binge watch them just like a TV show. The extreme effort that goes in to every single one to make them totally unique gets me every time. My personal fave is the SS14 Haute Couture show, which is really what got me into fashion, and I constantly go back to it even as new shows come out.  

Currently: Favorites with Chloe Taylor


Welcome to Currentlya new series from FACTEUR PR where we share the latest favorites of our staff and clients here on our blog! In this edition, get to know Chloe Taylor, FACTEUR PR Spring Intern. Read on!

Name: Chloe Taylor

Job: FACTEUR PR Intern

Location: Valdosta, GA

College you go to: Valdosta State University, studying Communication and Public Relations

Currently, my favorite...

The Idiot Book

Book I recently read or reading: I’m currently reading The Idiot by Elif Batuman. Being a cross-cultural communication major at heart, two of my favorite things to study are language and culture (+ the way they interact). This novel examines both of those things in a very beautiful way and shares a cute love story at the same time!

Part of my job: All of the new things I’ve been learning! I’ve been able to take things I enjoy in my everyday life and put them into my work which is a really cool thing to be able to do.

Album or song: It’s not a new album, but every summer I come back to Evil Friends by Portugal. The Man. It’s been my go-to summer album every since it dropped in 2013.

Magazine I read: I have an entire collection of Nylon issues I adored in high school and was super bummed when I heard they wouldn’t be printing anymore.

Blog I read: the blue eyed gal. Every blog post is written in both English and Spanish, so it’s been a great tool to use as I’ve been trying to improve my Spanish lately! (+ Augustina Torti one of the coolest girls I can think of!!)



Place I visited: I’d like to do a lot more traveling, but I love going to St. Simons Island in Georgia. It’s a quiet little beach town with a lot of greenery and biking trails. Plus, it features one of my favorite little bookshops that’s filled with used classics!

Clothing/accessories/shoes I bought: A few weeks ago, I bought this hand-dyed Pisces koi fish shirt from Urban Outfitters and it’s super soft/cute/very flowy. I can’t get enough of it!

Event I attended: This isn’t a professional event, but we have little culture nights at my college where people share stories, art, dances, and writings they’ve done in their own languages or with references to cultures they’re a part of/studying/appreciate. Those are really cool, and we had an Arabic-French night I went to with some friends recently.

Instagram account: I feel like I should use this opportunity to plug myself, but I’ll refrain haha! The only non-celebrity/company I have notifications on for is @laiapcy! She’s always posting the cutest outfits and pictures of her little dog Jack!

Food I ate/restaurant I tried: I don’t have any particular restaurant in mind, but I love little local sandwich shops! Anytime I go to a new place, that’s something I look for.

Drink: Iced green tea. Didn’t even have to think about that one!

TV show or movie I watched: I actually don’t watch a lot of TV! I usually only keep things like reality shows on for background noise.

Thing overall I'm obsessed with: My Wacom tablet! It was gifted to me for Christmas and using it to make digital art has been a really relaxing hobby for me lately.

Currently: Favorites with Reena Goodwin

Reena Goodwin. (Photo: suzuran photography)

Reena Goodwin. (Photo: suzuran photography)

Welcome to Currentlya new series from FACTEUR PR where we share the latest favorites of our staff and clients here on our blog! In this edition, get to know Reena Goodwin, FACTEUR Founder and Director! Read on...

Name: Reena Goodwin
Job: Founder and Director
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
College you go to/went to (and major): The Ohio State University, BA in Public Affairs Journalism

Currently, my favorite...

Book I recently read or reading: I've just started digging into Brene Brown's newest book, Into the Wilderness. I am such a sucker for books on self realization. This one is pretty good so far (but then again, Brown can do no wrong!).

When it's time for happy hour, a glass of red bordeaux is the way forward.

When it's time for happy hour, a glass of red bordeaux is the way forward.

Part of my job: I love that everyday I get to take what I am passionate about it and use it to help other people. Having a business is kind of like having a baby. It's so precious, and I feel really honored to be part of a growth story. Specifically, I'm a people-person so I love meeting with people, be it clients or reporters. Everyone's got a story to tell and it's so nice to listen.

Album or song: I'm not in love with the new Arcade Fire album, but I've been listening to the track, "Creature Comfort," on repeat. 

Magazine I read: Nylon has always been a favorite.

Blog I read: Olivia Jeanette's self titled blog. It's equal parts fashion, shopping, love, family, NYC, travel, beauty, etc. She is such a lovely person from what I can tell based off her posts and the exchanges I have had with her. 

Place I visited: Austin, Texas. Just until recently I had only been to Austin for SXSW, and it was so nice to experience the city for once outside of a crazy music/film/tech festival!

Rooftops and pools in austin, texas.

Rooftops and pools in austin, texas.

Clothing/accessories/shoes I bought: I haven't gone shopping in seemingly forever because I'm still trying to lose these last 10 pounds of pregnancy weight! But I did buy my first pair of heels for post-baby. They are black leather sandals with a wooden heel from Clarks. And they are surprisingly cute and mega comfortable!

Event I attended: Seeing Sheryl Sandberg speak over the summer. Her words were so powerful and personal. She's a woman that truly inspires me professionally.

Simone vera goodwin was born july 6, 2017.

Simone vera goodwin was born july 6, 2017.

Instagram account: @FACTEURPR of course! Just kidding (sorta). I've been addicted to influencers more than brands these days, and just love Chinae Alexander's feed. She's totally real and such a badass. I'd give her a follow if you're into fashion and fitness (and girl power).

Food I ate/restaurant I tried: Cleveland has some ah-mazing restaurants. I really enjoyed checking out Forage recently. Moules frites is one of my favorite foods ever, and they've got a good bowl of that.

Drink: A delicious red Bordeaux when it comes to booze. Matcha almond milk lattes if we are talking caffeine. Plain old water for everything else. 

TV show or movie I watched: I am digging the new season of "Broad City" and really loved the last season of "Master of None." Now I have to go to Italy asap.

Thing overall I'm obsessed with: My baby. It's true. Ever since Simone was born over the summer, I've been madly in love. I'm that girl, now.

Currently: Favorites with Julie Hong


Welcome to Currentlya new series from FACTEUR PR where we share the latest favorites of our staff and clients here on our blog! Julie Hong, our digital PR intern extraordinaire, kicks off this series this week! Read on...

Name: Julie Hong
Job: Digital PR Intern
Location: Athens, Georgia
College you go to/went to (and major): University of Georgia, studying Public Relations and New Media!

Currently, my favorite...

Book I recently read or reading: Hunger by Roxane Gay is a recent read that I really, really loved. Currently, I’m reading (and enjoying) Every Time I Find the Meaning of Life They Change It by Daniel Martin Klein. I’ve been getting knee-deep into nonfiction lately after a long love affair with fiction, and it’s wonderful!

Part of my job: The challenge of never doing the same thing twice! There’s always something I can learn, or something I can be better at. Even if the task seems similar (like pitching), I’m researching and personalizing and exercising my creativity. It’s engaging, and sometimes it’s difficult, but it’s always rewarding.

Album or song: I haven’t been able to stop listening to the album Ctrl by SZA, or the song Just Dancing by Sylvan Esso!

Magazine I read: Local Wolves. Their content is thoughtful, vulnerable, and authentic. Plus, I’ve discovered quite a few artists through their playlists.

Blog I read: This question is probably the hardest of this bunch, because I don’t follow blogs anymore! I used to be an obsessive Bloglovin user, but the websites I browse now are article-based, with a variety of featured writers and editors. The only blog I follow now (which I’ve followed since 2011) is Neon Blush, a personal style blog.

Place I visited: As much as I loved visiting New York City this summer, there is a special place in my heart for Cannes, France, where I studied abroad to attend the Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity!

"There is a special place in my heart for Cannes, France, where I studied abroad to attend the Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity."

"There is a special place in my heart for Cannes, France, where I studied abroad to attend the Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity."

Clothing/accessories/shoes I bought: This summer has become my season of thrifting. Recently, I went into a vintage store for a pay-what-you-can sale. Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like, and all the profit went to help someone in the community! I bought a pair of black denim shorts for half-off, and laughed about how shameless kids can be with the owner. I strongly encourage getting connected to local businesses, wherever you go!

Event I attended: I recently attended Roxane Gay’s Hunger book tour, and laughed my butt off at how insightful, witty, and honest Roxane Gay was in person. I actually got to get the book signed by her, which was really exciting! 

Instagram account: My own, obviously… Hehe. Just kidding! One of my recent favorites is masa_tattooer, who has very whimsical, romantic, and dreamy designs!

Food I ate/restaurant I tried: Soft-boiled eggs! I don’t know what it is about them, but I recently fell in love with eggs. I can have three for dinner and feel happy and full — but only if I can dip them in soy sauce. No soy sauce, no eggs!

Drink: I feel like my answer should be an alcoholic drink, since I am 21… but secretly, I’m still seven years old, and my favorite drink has been lemonade for years now.

TV show or movie I watched: I’ve watched Wonder Woman in theaters three times so far… so that probably takes the cake. 

Thing overall I'm obsessed with: Bullet journaling! It was my New Year’s resolution for 2017, and I’ve miraculously kept going with it. I never thought I would become a person who could actually organize their life, but bullet journaling has changed the game for me.