FACTEUR is different.

Having a public relations and marketing agency once seemed like a service only for six-to-seven figure budgets. FACTEUR strives to be different. From one-off support to our undivided attention, we offer a range of services and rates to meet your budget. We personally work alongside independent businesses, nonprofits, creative brands, and agencies in making the most of their public relations, social media, content marketing, and digital creative projects, and we absolutely love doing it. Here's more about why FACTEUR PR might be right for you.

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Small shop, big impact

At FACTEUR PR, we intensely believe in the importance of authentic and actionable public relations and marketing and want to help other passionate brands and businesses in our community. We are currently accepting a limited number of clients so we can give them dedicated support and the most bang for their buck.

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Scalable + customizable services

Perhaps you're starting a new brand and need media outreach for your launch, or you're a growing business that needs ongoing social media support so you can focus on operations. Or maybe you're an organization that has a full-time marketing team but occasionally needs extra assistance during an especially busy season. We can customize a plan that works for your situation, project, and budget. 

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Creative niche

We specifically work alongside creative brands; whether that creativity is music, arts, design, lifestyle, fashion, culture, food & beverage, hospitality, travel & leisure, event experiences, health & wellness, or retail. When we work with clients understanding (and often being!) their target audience, it's a win-win for both parties.