Reena S. Goodwin of FACTEUR PR recognized by Modern CLE

It’s not every day that those of us whose jobs are mostly executed behind-the-scenes are recognized in the media. And we’re super excited to be noticed and featured in Modern CLE this week! Jillian Kramer, editor of the digital publication shining a light on and for Northeast Ohio women, spent some time with us recently at the FACTEUR office. We talked about everything from landing to losing my dream job right after college, to how I started FACTEUR, to my pregnancy that I thought would derail my career but in fact, helped to advance it. You can read all about it here.

As part of Modern CLE’s new editorial initiatives, we’re partnering on a Behind the Story event on Sunday, January 20! You’re invited to enjoys bottomless bubbly and sweets catered by @sweetcostocle, plus an intimate and informative discussion with me, in which I’ll share tips for how to stand out on social media. Plus, you get your headshot taken and freshen up those Instagram profiles, as well!

At the time of this blog post publishing, tickets are already half-way sold out, so snag them fast before they’re gone!

Currently: Favorites with Reena Goodwin

Reena Goodwin. (Photo: suzuran photography)

Reena Goodwin. (Photo: suzuran photography)

Welcome to Currentlya new series from FACTEUR PR where we share the latest favorites of our staff and clients here on our blog! In this edition, get to know Reena Goodwin, FACTEUR Founder and Director! Read on...

Name: Reena Goodwin
Job: Founder and Director
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
College you go to/went to (and major): The Ohio State University, BA in Public Affairs Journalism

Currently, my favorite...

Book I recently read or reading: I've just started digging into Brene Brown's newest book, Into the Wilderness. I am such a sucker for books on self realization. This one is pretty good so far (but then again, Brown can do no wrong!).

When it's time for happy hour, a glass of red bordeaux is the way forward.

When it's time for happy hour, a glass of red bordeaux is the way forward.

Part of my job: I love that everyday I get to take what I am passionate about it and use it to help other people. Having a business is kind of like having a baby. It's so precious, and I feel really honored to be part of a growth story. Specifically, I'm a people-person so I love meeting with people, be it clients or reporters. Everyone's got a story to tell and it's so nice to listen.

Album or song: I'm not in love with the new Arcade Fire album, but I've been listening to the track, "Creature Comfort," on repeat. 

Magazine I read: Nylon has always been a favorite.

Blog I read: Olivia Jeanette's self titled blog. It's equal parts fashion, shopping, love, family, NYC, travel, beauty, etc. She is such a lovely person from what I can tell based off her posts and the exchanges I have had with her. 

Place I visited: Austin, Texas. Just until recently I had only been to Austin for SXSW, and it was so nice to experience the city for once outside of a crazy music/film/tech festival!

Rooftops and pools in austin, texas.

Rooftops and pools in austin, texas.

Clothing/accessories/shoes I bought: I haven't gone shopping in seemingly forever because I'm still trying to lose these last 10 pounds of pregnancy weight! But I did buy my first pair of heels for post-baby. They are black leather sandals with a wooden heel from Clarks. And they are surprisingly cute and mega comfortable!

Event I attended: Seeing Sheryl Sandberg speak over the summer. Her words were so powerful and personal. She's a woman that truly inspires me professionally.

Simone vera goodwin was born july 6, 2017.

Simone vera goodwin was born july 6, 2017.

Instagram account: @FACTEURPR of course! Just kidding (sorta). I've been addicted to influencers more than brands these days, and just love Chinae Alexander's feed. She's totally real and such a badass. I'd give her a follow if you're into fashion and fitness (and girl power).

Food I ate/restaurant I tried: Cleveland has some ah-mazing restaurants. I really enjoyed checking out Forage recently. Moules frites is one of my favorite foods ever, and they've got a good bowl of that.

Drink: A delicious red Bordeaux when it comes to booze. Matcha almond milk lattes if we are talking caffeine. Plain old water for everything else. 

TV show or movie I watched: I am digging the new season of "Broad City" and really loved the last season of "Master of None." Now I have to go to Italy asap.

Thing overall I'm obsessed with: My baby. It's true. Ever since Simone was born over the summer, I've been madly in love. I'm that girl, now.

Talking through your social media strategy (or lack of one)

social media day.png

Here at FACTEUR, we absolutely love to share the knowledge we have in PR and marketing to help you with your brand or business, which is really the purpose of our blog, e-mail newsletters, and social media posts. Nevertheless, you may oftentimes have questions that are specific to your individual company or campaign, and need to pick a professional's brain, get an unbiased audit of your marketing now, or need help planning for something in the future. We can totally help with that!

So, in celebration of Social Media Day on June 30, 2017, we are offering a limited number of social media consulting hours at a special rate! 

Here's how it works:

From now through June 30, 2017, purchase up to 10 consulting hours at a discounted rate of $50/hour, yours to use through December 31, 2017. Following your purchase, you will be contacted directly to set up call time(s).

Consulting hours give you and your team one-on-one access to FACTEUR director and social media specialist, Reena Goodwin, for 60 minutes via phone, Skype, or Zoom.

Sample of discussion topics:

  • How to set up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat channel
  • Social media training and channel overviews
  • Audit of your social media channels
  • Recommendations for social media strategy specific to your business 
  • How to harness the power of hashtags
  • Best practices for building audiences and engagement
  • Analyze your business social media insights
  • Advertise on social media
  • Brainstorm content ideas 
  • Content planning
  • Discuss an upcoming campaign 
  • Social media influencer marketing
  • Topic of your choice

Curious to know if we can cover your topic? Send us an email at



FACTEUR PR recognized by PR Couture

Homepage of

Homepage of

For as much publicizing as us publicists do on behalf of our clients, one would think we would devote the same amount of time and energy to promoting ourselves, but that simply is not the case. PR and marketing are such behind-the-scenes careers where the primary responsibility is to make others look and sound really good. That's just one reason why being publicly recognized for the work that you do is such an honor. 

I've been a big fan of, which is a wonderful resource for public relations and media professionals who are focused mainly on lifestyle communications. Therefore, you can imagine my excitement when selected and featured for PR Girls We Love! I did a Q&A covering the highs and lows of PR, my career journey so far, as well as some industry trends. You can read the full post here. 

A very special thank you to the amazing ever so valuable PR Couture for this opportunity, and to Suzuran Photography for the accompanying photos! And a HUGE thank you to our clients and friends, too; without you, there would be no story to tell.


New year, new beginnings, new dreams

Three on Thursdays is on a holiday break and will pick back up in 2017!

It's been a great year - or well, four months - here at FACTEUR! We launched officially in August, and we're so honored to be working with the clients we've partnered with so far, who are truly hard working, innovative and creative, and absolutely genuine -- four key qualities that inspire us every day at FACTEUR. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with your marketing and communications needs!

With a new year often comes new goals. For our firm, our goals are to sustain the clients that we have - who are the heart of our firm - and exceed their expectations and objectives, helping to grow their brand or business. Furthermore, we aim to thoughtfully expand our client base with additional spirited and creative brands with passionate teams, as well. If that's you, drop us a line any time. 

At the end of the day, at the end of the year, it's people that you work with - not just the products, or the services - that truly make a job a dream. We hope you will join us on that reflection this holiday season as we toast to a new year full of new beginnings, new growth, new relationships, and new dreams.

Reena S. Goodwin
Director, FACTEUR PR