Changes to Instagram and Twitter, plus a Netflix PR win we can all learn from

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We're back! Welcome to the 10th edition of Three on Thursdays, a series here on our blog devoted to sharing a few of latest marketing and PR insights and tips to help grow your brand and business. Every week, we'll handpick three good-to-know tips or resources that can help educate and inspire your own efforts. Be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter below to get these and other tips delivered to your inbox every month!

Here are this week's highlights:

1.) Twitter announces new 280-character limit.

A select few Twitter accounts now have the ability to tweet up to 280 characters, double-that of its historic 140 character limit. But you can enable the increased word count on your account now

2.) Instagram is allegedly adding one more photo across to your grid.

This one has us scratching our heads a bit. Many of us know all too well how our grids are part art, part science. This would change things. Have you seen four-across grids pop up on the platform yet?

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3.) How to legally defend your brand while scoring a PR win.

We are currently loving how Netflix handled a recent legal matter concerning a Stranger Things licensing issue. Talk about staying true to your brand voice!

Compiled by Reena Goodwin, Anna Huff, and Julie Hong.

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