Three on Thursdays: content marketing priorities, segmenting the influence of each social media platform, and more

Welcome to the eighth edition of Three on Thursdays, our new weekly blog series where you'll find a few of latest marketing and PR insights and tips to help grow your brand and business. Every week, we'll handpick three good-to-know tips or resources that can help educate and inspire your own efforts. Be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter below to get these and other tips delivered to your inbox every month!

Here are this weeks highlights from FACTEUR PR:

1.) What's being prioritized in content marketing?

Bookmark this great post by Joe Pulizzi at Content Marketing Institute. Citing a recent study of content marketing in the United Kingdom, two things stand out: committed marketers are more likely to put their strategy on paper and allocate a higher percentage of their budget to content marketing. What do you think?

2.) More comment control features unveiled on Instagram.

Coming soon to Instagram, you'll be able to manually turn off comments on your posts as you post an image and even after it's been posted, too. As a brand or business, how could this help you? Engagement is important - and we don't usually recommend turning it off - but perhaps you're going on vacation for a week and know you won't be moderating social media. Now, you can turn comments off on your latest post, for example. If you also happen to have a private account, you'll soon be able to delete followers instead of blocking them should you need to, as well. Read more on Instagram's blog here

3.) A look at market-drive and data-informed "power" of specific social media channels. 

While this post by Know Your Own Bone is aimed towards museums and cultural centers, I find it still very relevant for any brand, business, or company that understands the importance of online success to its overall success. By analyzing how much time people spend on social media with how people are using social media, we learn about the influence each network has on its individual audiences. Surprising, but not, Facebook is most influential - 11x more so than the runner-up platform, Instagram. So no, let's not be abandoning the Facebook ship just yet, or anytime soon. Read more via the link.