Three on Thursdays: good reads this week

Welcome to the fourth edition of Three on Thursdays, our new weekly blog series where you'll find a few of latest marketing and PR insights and tips to help grow your brand and business. Every week, we'll handpick three good-to-know tips or resources that can help educate and inspire your own efforts. Be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter below to get these and other tips delivered to your inbox every month!

This week, we're sharing what we're reading online:

1.) 5 Rules of Digital Marketing in 2017

With better access and understanding of digital marketing and social media analytics, we hear a lot about using data to drive our communications efforts. While the numbers are telling and important, you can't lose sight of the real drivers: people. Molly Reynolds makes the case here in this story from the Huffington Post.

2.) 6 Tips to Strengthening Your Personal Brand Online

Consistency, clarity, and continuity are just a few of the qualities Anna Jasinski suggests you conquer when strengthening your personal brand online. "Branding is not something we should approach with skepticism. If you don't take control, people will [make their own decisions,"] says Ren LaForme of Poyter in Jasinski's story. Sounds like good old fashioned PR, right? Own it! 

3.) How to Use Content Marketing for a Successful PR Campaign

I've written about the importance of content marketing, and believe in it so much we offer curated content marketing workbooks here on the FACTEUR website. Having a content marketing strategy not just fuels your blog, but also your PR plan, media relations plan, and social media plan. In this PR News story by Erika Taylor Montgomery, she leads with an astonishing stat -- "82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading their custom content. By creating effective content regularly, you're leaving the public with a positive impression of the brand" -- before launching into ways to incorporate that content into a PR strategy. 

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