Three on Thursdays: Instagram snaps up more Snapchat features, Google drops Content Keywords, and more

Welcome to the seventh edition of Three on Thursdays, our new weekly blog series where you'll find a few of latest marketing and PR insights and tips to help grow your brand and business. Every week, we'll handpick three good-to-know tips or resources that can help educate and inspire your own efforts. Be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter below to get these and other tips delivered to your inbox every month!

Here are this weeks highlights from FACTEUR PR:

1.) Why PR is the best kept secret in content marketing

Two weeks ago I linked to an article that talked about the importance of content marketing to PR. This week, I stumbled upon this blog post this week and just had to share that flips that claim, making it mutually beneficial. Writer Frank Strong discusses the importance of the relationship between public relations and content marketing - now more than ever. "The classically trained PR professional knows that markets are conversations. It's an inherent philosophy for being helpful, with a predilection for storytelling, and the patience to build trust and the knowledge that relationships take time. If brands want to put some jet-fuel in content marketing, invite the communicators to the table because PR is the best kept secret in content marketing." Integrating your marketing and communications efforts? We couldn't agree more! 

2.) Google removed Content Keywords report from Search Console

Heads up! Search Console, or once called Webmaster Tools, will no longer feature Content Keywords for your website. Since the introduction of Fetch and Render, which provides a visual reputation your crawled website, having the Content Keywords feature is now virtually obsolete. But don't be confused - Google still stresses the importance of optimizing your website with keywords to help people find your website. Learn more about this change here.

3.) Even more new Instagram Stories features

Two more Instagram Stories features unveiled this week. 
1.) Taking inspiration from Facebook Live, Instagram is rolling out a new live video feature in the coming weeks. Soon, users will be able to stream live for up to an hour, notifying your followers through the Stories bar at the top of the Instagram home feed.
2.) And still not to be outdone by Snapchat, once again Instagram takes a page from its book as well. Now, Instagram users will be able to send disappearing photos and videos with the platform's direct messaging system to one or more (like a curated group) users. Could be a fun way to send out disappearing coupon codes during the holidays, no?

Get the full how-to's on the Instagram blog here.

And in case you missed it, check out our five tips for using Instagram stories to build your brand or business.

*FACTEUR PR will be taking a break for the Thanksgiving holiday and will return with the next Three on Thursdays on December 1.

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