Content ideas to power your PR and social media channels

Ahh, Monday! It's hard to think about making time to curate content for your social media channels Monday through Friday when an early week to-do list seems almost a mile long. Here are just a few opportunities this week to align your brand or business with some already note-worthy happenings online.

Monday, October 17: Boss's Day

Tuesday, October 18: Chocolate Cupcake Day

Wednesday, October 19 (and every Wednesday): #WednesdayWisdom

Thursday, October 20 (and every Thursday): #ThrowbackThursday 

Friday, October 21: Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

Saturday, October 22: National Make a Difference Day

Sunday, October 23: National Espresso Day

Want more content ideas? We spent some time this spring developing four editorial content calendars specifically for the food & drink, arts & stage, health & wellness, and lifestyle industries. You can find them under the Instas tab here on the FACTEUR website (and showcased below). We've pulled together social media, blogging, and PR opportunities based on monthly and daily holidays, hashtags, and high profile events that are related to each of those industries. Also included is a list of story ideas to get you started with developing your editorial plan, as well as space to brainstorm your own ideas. Right now, we're offering each calendar for $10, and if you buy all four with our Blogger Bundle, you basically get one free! Plus, every time we update the calendars, we'll make sure you'll get the newest iteration (at no extra charge, of course).